Peat Detox Face And Body Mask


A deep healing cleanse for face and body.

Our Peat Detox Mask absorbs impurities and stimulates skin metabolism, acting as a powerful antioxidant that protects skin and helps to keep it youthful and vibrant looking. Our peat is sourced exclusively from Finnish wetlands, consisting of very finely ground, low-lying peat, which has been dated at over 5000 years old.

Size: 500 ml

Sauna Use:
We recommended applying 1-2 deciliters of the peat scrub across your face and body, for about 20 minutes on washed skin. The exfoliating effect of the peat is enhanced by rubbing it on the skin. Please note that the peat should not dry on your skin and, as always, you should drink plenty of liquids. Finally, you may want to protect the sauna benches, as the peat can stain the wood.

Bath Use:
The bath is an ideal place for the peat to penetrate deeply into the skin, treating and revitalizing skin function and hormonal well-being. Simply apply peat to the skin and take a bath normally. Leave on for 20 minutes.

Healing Packs and Wraps:
Peat can be used as a clay wrap, both in a heated form (44 °C) or as a cold pack for inflamed areas. Peat applications are an excellent way to treat tension, pain, muscle and joint injuries, as well as assorted skin irritations. Foot and hand wraps can also be made by placing the peat in plastic bags, which are then placed on the feet or hands, followed by a warm water rinse for 15 minutes.

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