Well-being Center

Our Well-Being Center offers a diverse wellness curriculum year-round, both for organizations and for individuals.

The Well-Being Center at Frantsila has been an integral part of our herb farm from the beginning, and offers a variety of wellness events and courses throughout the year. We aim to provide practical wellness strategies and resources that you can bring back to, and use in, your every day life. The Center also offer a range of pampering natural treatments, including herbal and aromatherapeutic approaches, to relax mind and body.

While at the Center, you will have access to all the surrounding fields and gardens, which offer numerous forest and herb walks, and which allow for a beautifully direct and intimate experience of Finnish nature. Accommodations, including meals, are available for groups and individual travelers.

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Plants together work wonders

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Frantsila’s Peat FAQ

Through our work at the farm and, especially, through our courses at Frantsila’s Wellness Centre, we have always received a…

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Calendula Officinalis: Worth Its Weight In Gold

“As a local remedy, [Calendula] has no equal in Materia Medica…and I would not be without it for a hundred…

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