About us

It makes a big difference where and how the ingredients in the products you use are grown. The story of our products is rooted in the soil. The active ingredients, plants and flowers in our products grow free in our fields in Hämeenkyrö, around two hours northwest of Helsinki. They’re the same fields that our family has farmed for ten generations. And counting.

Virpi Raipala-Cormier and James Cormier began organically farming the land owned by Virpi’s family over 40 years ago. Today, led by their sons Jupiter and Valo, a new generation is continuing their pioneering work by using regenerative organic farming to give back to nature more than we take. It’s a method that goes beyond being sustainable, pulling carbon dioxide out of the air, improving soil health and creating ecosystems where plants, animals and people can truly flourish.

Over 20 wild plants and herbs grow in Frantsila’s fields and gardens. These gifts from nature are used to make our family of effective, much-loved and award-winning skincare and wellbeing products. Hand-picked and quickly dried at the peak of freshness, our plants and herbs are full of fragrant and healing phytochemicals thanks to the farm’s northern latitude and vibrant and healthy soil. It’s these phytochemicals that make our products as effective as they are.

Today, led by their sons Jupiter and Valo, a new generation is continuing their pioneering work by using regenerative organic farming to give back to nature more than we take.

Secrets of the soil

At Frantsila, we are pioneers in research into the healing powers of plants and we have 40 years of experience in combining science and traditional healing systems to distill nature’s own curative properties into holistic health products. Every plant, flower and herb has its own unique impact on our wellbeing – some rejuvenate the skin, some boost metabolism, and others reduce inflammation. All Frantsila products bring together pure ingredients and organic herbs in naturally healing products that are good for you and the planet.

Our life’s work is to nurture the relationship between people, plants and all forms of life and to give back more than we get. Every Frantsila product is part of that story. And now, you are too.

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