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To thrive, humans require holistic care. That's precisely why Frantsila's products are developed to support our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. With our extensive range of essential oils, natural cosmetics, and herbal extracts, you can assemble the pillars of your own well-being. We only manufacture products in whose healing power we believe.

Wise Plants

Plants hold a natural wisdom that we can use to our benefit, all while honoring nature's balance. For years, Frantsila has been tapping into the special qualities of both wild herbs and our own organically grown plants. These plants help meet various human needs, from strengthening immunity and improving digestion to ensuring better rest. At the heart of Frantsila's products are these pure, natural plants. The health of nature and people moves forward together, hand in hand.

Harvest from Our Organic Fields

Frantsila's herb fields boast nutrient-dense soil, creating the perfect environment to grow pure raw materials for our products. The adherence to regenerative organic agriculture practices, meticulous hand-harvesting at peak times, swift drying of herbs, and the use of traditional extraction techniques all ensure that the potency of our ingredients remains intact. Along with our deep-rooted experience, we are committed to continual innovation in product development.

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The Field Notes blog is dedicated to information about holistic well-being, the healing power of plants and farming.

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Healing plants from Frantsila fields

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