Cultivation and raw materials

Finland is one of the northernmost, cleanest and least populated agricultural areas in the world. Long, bright summer days and cool nights give our herbs superior aromatic and medicinal properties compared to herbs grown in more southern latitudes.In addition to the Kyrönpohja family farm, Frantsila’s herbs are grown on a few nearby farms under strictly controlled conditions in accordance with the requirements of the organic certificate. Plants are not collected in the vicinity of cities or industrial areas, and the distance from the collection point to highways is always at least half a kilometer.Our products are manufactured using the traditions of folk medicine, up-to-date research and decades of long-term experience.

Our plants are harvested by hand when they are at their freshest and most vibrant, after which they are either extracted fresh or dried quickly at low temperatures to preserve the natural properties of the plants and ensure microbiological purity. The purity and effectiveness of the plants are tested regularly.

Dried plants are used to make mixtures, extracts, spices and various skin care products. We use slow and gentle extraction methods to preserve the natural aromas, colors and active ingredients of the plants in the final product. The oils we use are cold pressed and mostly organically grown.

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Frantsila’s Peat FAQ

Through our work at the farm and, especially, through our courses at Frantsila’s Wellness Centre, we have always received a…

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Calendula Officinalis: Worth Its Weight In Gold

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