8.7.2018, jupiter

Four Questions For Virpi

Why start an herb farm 35+ years ago?

My husband James and I are agronomists and we wanted to set an example of how to be in a truly reciprocal relationship with plants. Specifically, we wanted to show the kinds of healthy relationships we can have with our environment. Nature gives us so many wonderful healing plants that we can use for our own well-being and we, in turn, can create environments that sustain a large number of diverse species, a thriving environment for people and other animals.

We were and still are passionate about the benefits of herbal medicine and avoiding synthetic chemicals in skin care. So, we started spreading these ideas through concrete products, as well as through the information and experiences in our courses on holistic self-care.

Do you feel things have changed, for better or worse, in the area of organic, plant-based wellness since that time?

We were the first organic farmers in our municipality; now I think around 20% of farms are organic here. It was definitely not something normal or even close to normal. It is great to see that people are, more and more, coming to understand the value of organic farming and plant-based wellness and beauty. Plants are an incredible source of food, medicine and beauty.

What is your skin care regimen, and do you have a favorite Frantsila product or combination of products?

My skin care regimen is very simple: it includes washing my face with water and then using our Rose Facial Tonic. I also love our Rose Facial Oil, as it is easy to use and the smell has just the right rosiness to give my mood a boost. I also use our deep cleansing peat in the sauna. And, for an internal support for beauty, I use our Wild Green Powder.

Beyond products, what else do you do to stay healthy and grounded, across mind, body & spirit?

Usually, I start my morning at six with a 20 minute yoga asana session followed by a short meditation. I eat lots of forest berries and most of the food I eat is organic and vegetarian. I also drink 1 litre of herbal tisane from my garden or dried from the herb fields. I am in nature quite alot, which is also a great way to stay grounded. In the summers, especially, I tend to my garden 2 hours everyday, weeding and all the normal things.