Frantsila Finnairin Blue Wings -lehdessä

Finnairin Blue Wings -lehti kirjoittaa Frantsilan luomuyrttitilasta juuri ilmestyneessä heinä-elokuun numerossaan.

Alla artikkelista poimittuja valikoituja sitaatteja, joissa perustajamme Virpi Raipala-Cormier, toimitusjohtajamme Jupiter Cormier ja luova johtajamme Anna Karhu-Cormier kuvailevat Frantsilan tilan agroekologisia ja tuotannollisia käytäntöjä:

“We take leaves, flowers, and roots from the plants we grow, to preserve and extract their bio-active ingredients, which we then use in our beauty and wellness products. We give back to nature by caring for our herb and flower fields in a way that respects the bio-diversity of the local ecosystem, which then benefits the tens of thousands of insects and other animals, including humans,” says Virpi. “This holistic approach is at the core of everything we do.”

“Growing our own ingredients gives us full control of our plant-based ingredients from seed to product,” says Jupiter, who is also a yoga and meditation teacher. “We grow our own plants to ensure the highest potency of our products. We have 38 years of experience of growing herbs at an extreme northern latitude that produces some of the hardiest and highly potent plants on the planet,” he adds.

“Frantsila is such a great legacy to build on,” says Anna, who radiates the same positive energy as her mother-in-law. “New product development is a major focus as we create and produce most of our products in our own factory here, which gives us control over the research and development process.”

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Teksti: Katja Pantzar
Kuvat: Vuokko Salo.

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