11.3.2019, jupiter

A New Calming Lavender Salve

Springtime is here and it is time for some fresh, new products! Our all new Lavender Salve is the first product to be released under our new Salve Solutions product series, which reinterprets this centuries-old folk and farm remedy into new forms, ones that can more readily address our uniquely 21st century concerns.

Lavender’s Many Botanical Benefits

Lavender’s soothing benefits are considerable, and extend both to body and mind: with its various antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and pain relieving properties, lavender helps to accelerate the healing of minor cuts and burns, provides relief for itchy skin and insect bites, as well as softens chapped lips and cold sores; while its aromatherapeutic properties help to ease anxiety and restlessness and thereby support a better sleep cycle. These multi-form botanical benefits are now available in a convenient topical salve, the perfect all-natural medium for delivering and amplifying the soothing power of lavender, which can be safely applied on to any affected area, from head to foot, and on to all members of the family, from youngest to oldest.

Jupiter Cormier, CEO of Frantsila, describes the development process behind the new product: “Over the years, our customers have made it very clear that Lavender is one of their favorite herbs, both for its calming scent and for its many soothing properties, and have shared countless ways in which they use our Lavender essential oil.” Cormier continues: “While our Lavender essential oil is a wonderful product, it does require some effort to realize its full benefits, especially topically. So, we began with a question: could we deliver Lavender’s aromatic power and versatility in an easy-to-use topical format, one that would translate Lavender’s many benefits for the widest possible audience and for the widest number of use cases? This Calming Lavender Salve was our eventual answer.”

Salve Making: An Ancient Hand Craft

Frantsila has been making various salves and ointments for as long as the company has been in existence. Of course, salves significantly pre-date our little farm, and are one of the oldest natural treatments in the historical record, which have been used by many different cultures, from the ancient Egyptians to the native peoples of North America.

Frantsila’s salves are the result of an entirely traditional, handmade process. To better explain this process, we would like to introduce Maria, our salve maker, who is responsible for the production of all our salves: “The process of salve making involves several stages, which are all connected to a slow extraction method. The process starts with the extraction of dry herbs, which in the case of our Lavender Salve, includes Lavender Flowers and Wild Pansies. Our extraction method is very traditional, where dried plants are mixed into a warming oil mixture, a process that happens over a two to three week period. During extraction, the plant’s bio-active ingredients dissolve into the oil. With our Lavender Salve, we use a really fine oil blend, which includes jojoba seed oil, wild rose seed oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter and beeswax.”

Maria continues: “After the extraction process, the plant mass is pressed and filtered. The oil mixture is extracted using a gentle heat and is further mixed with lavender essential oil and the melted beeswax. The salve is then allowed to cool down, after which the lid is applied. Finally, I apply the labels and put them in their boxes, with a best before date and batch code.”

And, by the way, Maria is also our “one woman” bottling line, so your Lavender Salve is literally made and packaged by a single set of hands.

Our all natural, hand-made Calming Lavender Salve is now available for purchase in our web shop and at selected retailers.