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We have distilled the sensorial, visceral beauty of the herb garden — its taste, its touch and its smell — into three interrelated products, a de-stress tonic, an anti-pollution facial serum and a perfume oil, each one providing its own sensory way to beauty, as well as reinforcing the ways of the other two.

We invite you to rediscover these multi-sensory pathways to beauty — for the garden never provides just one answer.

Anti-Pollution Facial Serum — €55

De-Stress Tonic — €35

Aura Perfume Oil — €45

Scent Gets

Apothecary is a new Frantsila initiative, which aims to share our hard-earned knowledge of the plant world, and its many connections to our own being and well-being, with a wider public.

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We have farmed

Frantsila Herb Farm represents a 300 year family history of organic land tenure in Hämeenkyrö, Finland

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